Paltrack is a solution developed to automate the process of syncing tracking information of fulfilled orders from your Shopify store to your PayPal account

Why use Paltrack?

Our application enables the user to maintain a good PayPal Account tracking record. This ensures that the seller's PayPal account is in good standing and in accordance with the user agreement for PayPal services.

Lower Rolling Reserve

PayPal applies a rolling reserve on your account as a way of protecting their customers. By using Paltrack, you will be operating within PayPal’s requirements. This means less rolling reserve and less issues for you.

Quick Release of Funds

With Paltrack, one big factor is eliminated. Having tracking details synced automatically is one less problem to worry about when wanting to get your money faster.

User Friendly Dashboard

Paltrack’s dashboard consists of only the most important details that you need to see. Being that the syncing is automated, we want to give the user a painless experience. Our dashboard does exactly that. The information, simplified and delivered.

Back-In-Time Feature

Our Back-In-Time feature allows users to retrieve and sync old orders that were fulfilled prior to the installation of Paltrack. This feature is exclusively a Paltrack feature. Leave nothing behind.

Easy connect

Being that Paltrack is approved by both PayPal and Shopify, you will no longer have to go through any shady, complicated setup processes. The whole setup process takes just some clicks and it’s done.

Automatic Syncing

In just a few clicks, and with no possibility of human error, Paltrack will sync your tracking numbers instantly and save your hours of tedious work.

Be Ready to Save Time and Start Building Trust With PayPal.

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